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With winter just around the corner, keeping gutters in good working condition during winter months can prevent costly repairs. When well-maintained, gutters and downspouts do a good job of diverting water away from your home and protecting your house and foundation from the effects of pooling water. While important year round, the value of a properly functioning gutter system is never more important than it is during the winter months. As ice expands, the damage to fascia can be severe and a cracked foundation may require thousands of dollars of costly repairs. During these cooler months, plants and trees start to die and branches and pinecones begin to fall and can clog your gutter, especially if Jack Frost makes an appearance. Although we don’t get much snow in the areas of Martinez, Augusta, Grovetown, or Evans, Georgia, we occasionally will get some snowfall.

Instead of risking your safety climbing on a ladder or your roof, let the professionals do the job for you. Here at 706 Lawn Care we will clear your gutters of debris, which may be one of the most unpleasant tasks, but also very important. We will inspect seams and anchors to check for leaks and make sure gutters are securely attached. This is good one to leave up to the professionals for our expertise. We will also check for structural damage to make sure there is no sign of rotting or other water-related damage. If there is, then we will find the source and make repairs if needed. Lastly, we will inspect downspouts and diverters to make sure water is flowing away from the house and does not pool anywhere.