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In most of the country, it’s still too soon to put away our jackets and cozy socks. But in a Georgia garden, we’re seeing signs of spring: Sunny yellow ‘Baby Moon’ daffodils are up, the grass is greening up (unfortunately, so are the weeds), and birds are singing songs again. Time for some spring cleaning!

Winter isn’t through with us yet, though, so we have to be careful about setting out tender annuals or turning the water back on for outdoor spigots and hoses. But there are some things we can do — things we should be doing — to prep for spring.

  • Weeds sprout up fast in lawns and gardens when the temperatures rise, so get a head start on them right away. Use a pre-emergent weed control to get rid of weeds before they’ve had time to germinate, or a post-emergent if they’re already actively growing.
  • If the soil is dry enough to move around in your garden, remove the old winter mulch. Replace as needed with fresh mulch. Don’t forget mulching your shrubs and trees, too, to help conserve moisture once hot weather arrives.
  • Prune your fruit trees before they bud out. Prune your spring-flowering shrubs after the blooms are finished.
  • Rake compacted beds and remove debris that may have built up over the winter, power blow and hand rake so April showers can get the May flowers looking great.
  • Trim dead tree branches that are likely to fall in your yard or on your house.
  • Fertilize you lawn and garden to get it looking nice and lush for spring

Our spring clean-up service is the process of removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the winter season throughout your property and landscape beds and hauling away the debris from your property. Regardless of the amount of cleanup you did last fall, there is always more to do to get your lawn and landscape ready for the growing season. To start the season off with a bang and get your property in shape, we like to do a thorough once over of your property.