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You know autumn is here when the evenings grow cooler and the leaves began to change from green to a beautiful variety of colors. Then they begin to fall. That’s when you reach for the rake. But there are other alternatives if you don’t relish that task.

We offer a comprehensive fall clean-up that will set the stage for your lawn to thrive during the winter season We like to do a thorough rake, vacuum and removal of all of the leaves and debris that tend to “fall” on your lawn during this season. We use state of the art equipment to suck up, haul away and recycle what fall leaves behind.

Fall cleanups get rid of leaves and organic matter that build up when the weather turns cold and leaves start falling. It is good to get the debris off the lawn because it is not ideal for it to sit there all winter. The leaves start to rot and get moldy. It could also lead the the grass being killed if not taken care of early enough in the spring.

Winter fertilization will also get your lawn ready for spring by keeping your lawn healthy and keeping weeds at bay. Tree trimming is another good idea before the bitter cold or snow snaps branches that could be hazardous to you and your home. For all of your fall clean-up and winterization needs call 706 Lawn Care today at 706-834-2249 today!